Head of 3d Cg Supervisor,JAMVFX London, Worzel Gummidge, BBC.

Head of CG at JamVFX,London for BBC.

Head of 3D and CG Supervisor for commercial advertising and broadcast.
Implement creative problem solving from pre-production through to the finished product.
Manage small/medium sized teams successfully to execute projects in a timely manner.
Departmental Lead means helping others with my knowledge and experience as well as developing ideas and techniques that may be beneficial to the department as a whole.

Children’s BBC series about the adventures of Worzel Gummidge (Mackenzie Crook), a scare crow who comes to life.
(CG supervisor) for:
– Episode 1: Guy Forks.
– Episode 2: Twitchers.
– Episode 3: Calliope Jane.