3d Generalist for Thien Long commercial.

As Cg Generalist  Thien Long
An elephant weighs less than a tongue of a blue whale.This fantastical campaign 3*30 second and 60 seconds tvc’s brands stationary supplier Thien Long as the company that brings knowledge to life by means of showcasing all sorts of fun facts. This BIG Act was brought to you by Juggler Christian Greet, Jaime Fernandez Muro, Knife thrower Layne Howe, Daredevil Chris Lyne, Flamethrower Sandesh Codhadu, Mime Priyan Jayamaha, Freak Phil James, Fane Flaws and Dale Hobson. Character animation by Monkey Matt Pitt, our French Artiste Boris Plateau and New York Strongman Scott Wilkinson.