CG Supervisor for 47meters Down Film Outpost Bournemouth


Cg Supervisor

Completed 426 VFX shots for Tea Shop & Film Company’s In The Deep (aka 47m Down),as CG Supervisor, directed by Johannes Roberts.
Predominantly shot in tanks in Basildon and the Dominican Republic, the VFX team’s main challenge was to extend all the underwater environments and to add in sea life and most importantly of all….dozens of utterly realistic and petrifying great white sharks!
In addition to these hero character animations the team created numerous blood simulations, for obvious reasons, set extension, matte paintings, digital prosthetics and digi-double animations.
Over 15 of the shots are full CG, these became necessary when the set and the props simply couldn’t provide the range of movement and scale required to create Johannes’ creative vision.
With wide angle lenses, an underwater shoot environment and a lot of debris and plankton everywhere in the murky depths.