3d Generalist for Cadbury “Vans”

As Cg Generlist and TD lighter.Cadbury  Vans electrictheatre.tv
Golden tickets for the Olympics in chocolate bars!? Yes! Whatever happens over the rest of 2012, this advert for Cadbury means we’ve already bested Beijing 2008.
It’s a celebration of Britishness, complete with clipped-accented voiceover, eccentric but exquisitely designed chocolate delivery vans, and the self-assured smiles of two moustachioed drivers who know – despite what happens in the Olympic sprint final – that their nation is superior to all others.
Well done lads. All of Britain’s eyes are upon you and your beaming, unflappable and just ever so slightly disturbing faces, as you swerve your way towards London with your precious golden cargo.
Even when they hit a spaghetti junction, ten miles outside London, that doesn’t exist on any known road map, they just carry on regardless with the confident air of world beaters. The British Olympic team should be forced to watch this before every event.
Cg Background Extensions, and pack shot.
Production Company: Friend
Director: The Vikings
Executive Producer: Luke Jacobs
Producer: Molly Pope
Editing Company: Trim
Editor: Paul Hardcastle
Edit Assist: Fouad Gaber
Producer: Lee Pavey
Shoot Supervisor: Giles Cheetham and Daniel Marum
2D Lead Artists: Giles Cheetham
3D Lead Artists: James Sindle and Daniel Marum
2D Artists: Andrew Stewart
3D Artists: Jaime Fernandez Muro, Alexis Vallauri, Andy Le Cocq, Scott Beharrell Bono, Remy Dessinges, Han-Ter Park