CG Generalist Dodge commercial

As Cg Supervisor Dodge commercial.
Complete in 6 days from Start to End tight deadline-A shiny red Dodge Journey crossover vehicle emerges from a home’s garage. Friends then climb into the vehicle.
But like the garage and all the surroundings, including the countryside itself, the driver and passengers appear in black and white. And they look like character drawings but are far more expressive than what is normally associated with that medium. We see them all interact with the features of the innovative vehicle, ranging from a refrigerated storage compartment to third row seating to the kids dueling on a gaming monitor, which also screens DVDs.
The Dodge Journey makes its way through the city, which we see both as the crossover vehicle zips along and from an overhead view. A voiceover introduces us to the Dodge Journey, an innovative new vehicle which underscores the slogan, “If you can dream it, do it.”
Turns out the hyper-realistic Dodge Journey is occupied by pen-and-ink textured CG characters traveling through a dimensional illustrated pen-and-ink world. This different, distinctively styled commercial came from the teaming of animation/FX/design studios Charlex in New York, and XYZ Studios, Melbourne, Australia, as well as production house The Ebeling Group in New York–all working in concert with BBDO New York.
Tim Kentley served as director/designer/creative director for XYZ with illustrations by Celeste Potter.
Post Production Company: Xyz